Keno Online – Your Best Online Casino Guide for Keno Gaming!

The internet is awash with tons of Keno games found in online casinos, all different in shapes and sizes, all unique and diverse in their gameplay. You can find games such as instant Keno 40 Balls, Jackpot Keno, Keno Kick Off, Vegas Jackpot Keno and a host of others which have dragged the old traditional numbers game up from the streets and onto the glossy internet. The paper ticket is no more, long slow draws are a thing of the past and jackpot prizes of real money have reached huge amounts.

This guide is going to take you through the games, how to play Keno online and give you some wonderful tips with some additional links to external sites such as to help expand on areas we don't have space to fit in. You'll also have links for free keno which is open to Canadian players.

Top 3 Casinos to play Keno online for money. Check the reviews for each and good luck deciding for the best place to play

1Spin Casino
2Royal Vegas
3All Slots

Keno Online – A section of Keno games to look out for when you join an online casino and try your lucky numbers!

Ancient Thunder Keno: Set in glorious Greek times, your Keno game is set amongst the colossal pillars, with the gods Zeus, Poseidon, Athena and Helios offering bonus features and rewards of free games, extra draws, bonus numbers and multipliers for increased winning bets.

Fire Ball Action: This game plays from a range of 1 to 90 balls, deep in the fires of some random place, this lush and brightly lit game comes with bonus features to add that extra heat of excitement.

Instant Keno 40 Ball: A fun simple game with quirky graphics and easy to use features, it offers a nice variation away from the standard 80 number game a ‘normal’ keno player is used to.

Klub Keno: Play one, Play five, Play ten! A great splatter game that makes Keno more colourful, with a free 1000 balance to play with. This Keno game also incorporates a multiplier StarBall that times all payouts by double, a great cash boost addition.

Live Keno: This is live Keno in general, if you can find a casino hosting this game in real time then definitely take part, the hostesses are stunning, you can communicate with the host and other players, it’s the pinnacle of online Keno games. For keno nz live games New Zealanders can tap the link for more info.

The Keno games online are made by those which create some of the most visually stunning slots found online. Developers such as Microgaming, BetSoft, Rival and 1x2 Gaming have a vast catalogue of major branding licensing deals which puts them at the forefront of online casino game development. They Know the Keno game needs an extra kick to reward the player and thusly bonus features and little add-ons help Keno have that more immersive factor.

How great it is that for each matching number you get, you got to spin a bonus wheel to be in for the chance of winning something else. This is the kind of greatness the internet has brought to online Keno and entire games as a whole, is a site that goes into this topic further.

Free Online Keno – Where to play Keno online free, no download required? Well, that really is simple to answer.

keno online

Everywhere, you don’t even need to register to a casino to play the games, on sites like you get a stack of free gaming. Some casinos themselves give you play now free demos, if you don’t want to win real money and save your own cash by practising, then you have nearly every game made stocked on the internet as a free game. You’ll find casino sites, comparison site and fan made sites, that have the games uploaded for new people to try and test.

It would be a good idea to simply find an online casino that specializes in either Keno, bingo or lottery, these will be your easier options when looking to find more Keno games. Casinos that focus more on slots or roulette, will have a limited number of free Keno games available. If you find this a struggle in the US then head over to

It’s worth checking, whilst tracking down the right casino, to see if they have any welcome offers or an online bonus for new joining members. Gambling houses tend to advertise these rewards to build member numbers and give those looking for a bit of fun a little taster of what to expect when inside.

The most profitable casino bonus to look for is the deposit bonus when you place down $10 the casino will multiply that figure by 100% or more, some casinos offer up to $1500 to play with after depositing a certain amount when you sign up. Meaning that your balance will be so healthy, that when you’ve exhausted your original deposit amount, you will have weeks of free cash left over to gamble with and play keno online. For more in-depth discussion on this, the site of was made by Canadian players to help others out, so check them out.

Picking Keno Numbers – Is there a magic formula to picking the right numbers for Keno online or is it just luck?

Well, the Keno game is all about chance, if it wasn’t we’d all be rich, but that’s not to say that the game is impossible to win, the strategies for this begins with your approach. If you are planning to go in hard and try and win big by putting big stakes down on what you think will be the winning numbers, then it simply will not work. Keno comes with a number of ways to bet, you can even gamble on the numbers that won’t come out in the draw. The trick is to pick a sensible number of keno numbers and place sensible amounts of money on the bet. Building slow and long term is the key to success, just never bet on a single number, the odds go against you.

Some bets in Keno can be split, split betting is fun for those that want to stick with lucky numbers, but it also gives you a chance to play random ones too. The stake you wager on a split bet gives you the following, for example:

Lucky Numbers bet $1 / Random numbers bet $1/ All numbers $2/ Total bet $4

There are a number of bets to utilize when playing Keno to try and win the prize; you can use Top / Bottom, Left / Right, King Number and Ways Ticket. With these different ways of winning it sure beats playing the conventional lottery.

For Canadian gamblers looking to pick up virtual cards themselves, then head to and read their take on keno in Canada.

Put the strategies into practice with this Keno game.